Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our story, In Photo

Here is a slideshow made by Grandma Sheryl of some of the thousands of pictures we took in the first few months of the girls' lives.  Some of these pictures are still difficult for us to look at because we will never forget the absolute fear and heartache we endured those first months.  At the same time, I look at these pictures and I see the amazing power of our God...he can heal all things.  He loves our babies and through all their pain He never left their sides.  Without our faith in Him and the hope He gave, we never would have made it through.

Long overdue update

I know I know, it has been a long long time since we have written...funny how 3 babies at home keeps you busy. Yes, you heard right, our sweet Brenna is home and doing great!  She has actually been home since Jan 31 (Brad and I thought we had posted that update but obviously we didn't).  Life is hectic but we are loving it.  Thankfully we get lots and lots of help from grandma and grandpa Kamps and grandma and grandpa Mortvedt.  The girls now weigh between 11 and 12 pounds and are starting to wear size 6 months.  I look at these clothes hanging in their closet and I can believe how big they've gotten.  I remember staring at the size preemie clothes in the closet after they were born and thinking, they are never going to be big enough to even wear preemies!  While the girls are significantly bigger than they were at birth they still have a long ways to go to catch up for their age.  Feedings have been somewhat difficult with the girls.  We are feeding the girls every 4 hours (day and night) to get them to keep gaining. In the last few weeks we have really struggled with Anna and Lucy to take their bottles (they would refuse) and Anna ended up losing weight.  So we've added yet another specialist to the list of those following the girls.  We now see a GI doctor.  He thinks Anna's difficulties are a result of reflux and heartburn.  Lucy's could also be reflux but I have a feeling it may have more to do with her personality...she doesn't want to take orders from anyone!  Both girls are now on medications to treat reflux and are doing better.  We still have struggles but overall they are eating more.

Playtime is getting a lot more fun in the Kamps household!  The girls are all so interactive these days.  They all love being talked to and played with.  They love batting the toys on their play mat, grabbing rings, kicking things and standing up (assisted of course).  We are working on tummy time, although none of them really seem to care for it.  Anna and Lucy have both rolled from tummy to back a handful of times and Lucy is really close to rolling from back to tummy!

We are anxiously anticipating springs arrival.  We can't wait to get outdoors for walks and trips to the park.  Also with the warmer weather brings the end of flu/RSV season that has kept us on house arrest since the girls have been home.  The only outings the girls have had since coming home have been dr appointments.  Not a single trip to the store, post office, mall etc. They still haven't met a majority of the family yet.  We look forward to being "normal" again and being able to attend family functions, church, visit friends and even being able to run errands!  We can't wait to introduce these amazing little girls to those that have prayed so hard for them.  They truly are a testament to the power of prayer! 

Well, feeding time is quickly approaching and the girls are starting to stir.  We hope to see you all soon!